Maryellen and Lily on a game day!

Sisters at 2018 Day Away!

Sisters at 2018 Day Away!

Taylor and Anna on a game day!

Grace attends Pie-A-President during Circle
of Sisterhood Week!

Grace and Anna at 2018 Day Away!

Quincy, Lily, Anna, Grace, and Taylor
on a game day!

Kat and Taylor at 2018 Bid Day!

Catherine, Yun, and Tymirra at 2018
Day Away!

Some sisters join forces with Alpha Delta
Chi for tug!

Sarah and Kat at 2018 Bid Day!

Lindsey, Miranda, Nicole, and Aly at
2018 Day Away!

Dasha and Marissa at 2018 Day Away!

Anna and Maddy attended a fraternity's
formal in Savannah!

Some sisters attended Georgia Tech's
Aquarium Night!


The sisters of Alpha Omega Epsilon are involved in numerous social activities, including semi-formal, formal, date nights, and mixers!

Grace and Maddy attend an apple
picking date night!

Sisters at 2018 Semi-Formal!

Sarah, Julia, and Jillian at 2019 Formal!

Maddy and Lindsey at 2019 Formal!

Sarah and Morgan at Trivia Night with
a fraternity!

Sarah, Stephanie, and Lindsey at 2019 Formal!

Taylor, Marissa, and Lucie at 2019 Formal!

Kat and Sarah at 2019 Formal!

Morgan, Sarah, and Maddy at 2018

Bigs and Littles