AΩE | Professionalism


Women of any major who are passionate about STEM can find a place with AΩE.

What We Offer

Within our chapter, we host many seminars and workshops hosted by active members and alumnae. Alumnae will often come and speak to the chapter about career fair strategies and what qualities recruiters look for, particularly since they tend to be recruiters themselves. Members of Alpha Omega Epsilon enjoy the privilege of access to a vast network of women in their fields of study, both in college and in the working world. What most members come to appreciate is the fact that they can approach any sister and receive advice about anything career related, whether it is a quick critique of their resume or to have a friend with whom to practice their interview skills.

Connected Organizations

As a professional organization, we encourage our members to become involved in their respective professions. Sigma Chapter recognizes that continual career development and networking are key to professional success outside of college, which is why active members are required to perform a certain amount of professional hours with an outside organization each semester to gain contacts and new perspectives. Some of the other organizations we are involved with include:
Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Omega Chi Epsilon, Chi Epsilon and various other honor societies, SWE, SAACS, WIE, WECE, BMES, BROS, American Association of Blacks in Energy, AICHE, ASCE, IIE, IEEE

In the Workforce

Our sisters form a vast network of resources in the workforce. Just take a look at some of the places our alumnae can be found now:

ExxonMobil | NASA | Honda | Siemens | Orbital | Raytheon Missiles Systems | GE | GM | Proctor & Gamble | Boeing | Airwatch/VMWare | Lockheed Martin | JPL | Department of Defense | Georgia Power | Bridgestone | Ascend Performance Materials | Georgia Department of Transportation | Johnson and Johnson | Ernst + Young | Verizon | Manhattan Associates | Textron Systems | Gulfstream | Georgia Institute of Technology | Intel | Apple | Procter & Gamble